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HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC

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Product Description

Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC


High-Resolution Audio
Meets Style and Design

The HA-2 is an elegant yet sophisticated portable headphone amplifier with built-in rechargeable battery. It is engineered to enhance music playback from mobile phones and portable music players. Aesthetically, the HA-2 does not look like a typical or generic electronic device. Its genuine leather casing with contrast stitching and beveled aluminum edges are eye-catching and cannot be confused with any other product. Its fit and finish will instill a sense of pride when using the product.

Featuring hybrid class AB amplification and a USB DAC that supports 384 kHz PCM and DSD256, the HA-2 offers high performance digital-to-analog conversion for Apple’s iPhone/iPod products, a wide range of Android devices, PC and Mac computers. The HA-2 may be conveniently used to charge mobile devices on-the-go and itself can be efficiently charged in 30 minutes. Headphones, from very sensitive In-Ear Monitors to the most power-hungry Over-the-Ears, can all benefit from the HA-2’s excellent performance and powerful amplification.

Ultra-slim Design
Ultra-slim Design
Stacking the HA-2 on top of some smartphone models is often still thinner than other portable headphone amplifier models alone.
High-Resolution Audio
High-Resolution Audio
Supports PCM audio up to 384 kHz / 32-bit, DSD audio up to 12 MHz (DSD256 or DSD4x). No Camera Connection Kit required for high-resolution playback from iOS devices*.
Rapid Charging
Rapid Charging
Internal battery can be quickly charged in about 30 minutes with the patented rapid charger.
ESS Sabre Reference DAC
ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC
ES9018-K2M DAC chip delivers high-resolution performance with extremely low noise and distortion.
Multiple Devices Support
Multiple Devices Support
Supports multiple device types for digital-to-analog conversion via USB: iPod / iPhone / iPad, smartphones with USB OTG feature, PC and Mac computers.
Mobile Power Bank
Mobile Power Bank
The HA-2 functions as an external battery pack for your mobile devices.

Quality and Convenience for the Mobile Generation


With smartphone use increasing all the time, users are often carrying a device that is capable of storing high quality audio files. The HA-2 is a very mobile-centric portable headphone amplifier and DAC that pairs exceptionally well with iOS and Android devices, and it can offer a significant improvement in sound quality over the amplification and DAC available in the mobile device itself, without adding excessive bulk and weight so as to make the combination inconvenient. Other mobile-friendly features such as rapid charging and mobile device power bank make the HA-2 a true companion for music on the go.

The HA-2 offers two USB DAC input ports - one for Apple’s iPhone/iPod, and the other for Android devices, PC and Mac computers. A 3.5 mm input works with the remaining portable music players that do not have a USB-compatible digital output. There are two gain level settings. The High Gain mode is capable of driving large power-hungry headphones, delivering up to 300 mW into 16-Ohm headphones. The Low Gain mode is intended for sensitive In-Ear Monitor type earphones. In addition to the two gain levels, the HA-2 offers two stages of volume control to precisely dial the desired output volume and to resolve the volume disparity issues between using In-Ear Monitors and full-size headphones. By mapping USB volume control commands to the Sabre DAC chip's internal digital volume control, users can adjust the signal volume using the playback app or software without losing audio resolution or causing bit truncation. The HA-2's analog volume control knob can then be used to further adjust for a comfortable listening level. For users who like a bit more punch and impact with their music, the HA-2 offers a Bass Boost function that is implemented purely with analog audio circuits.

* High-resolution audio playback from iOS and Android devices may require additional playback apps.

Quality and Convenience for the Mobile Generation

  • Hybrid Class AB Amplifier - The HA-2's power amplification circuit for the headphones is Class AB built with integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete transistors. The discrete transistor output stage uses hand-picked and matched parts. The output transistors are biased to operate in their most linear range for the critical small signal, and deliver their full potential when power is required.
  • Made for iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® - The HA-2 passes Apple's "MFi" certification and is compatible with the latest iPod, iPhone and iPad to be used as the digital audio output accessory of these devices. By tapping directly into the digital audio signal of these devices and converting the audio to analog using the high performance SABRE32 Reference DAC, music from your favorite portable device will sound its best. Furthermore, for users with high-resolution music playback apps, the HA-2 does not require the use of a Camera Connection Kit (CCK). The data cables that come with your Apple device or the supplied Lightning cable is sufficient.
  • Compatible with Android - The HA-2’s micro-USB input port works with Android devices that support USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) and USB Audio Class. A special USB OTG cable is supplied with the HA-2 to facilitate the connection. When used with a compatible Android device, the HA-2 can support the device's built-in music app, tones and notifications. Additionally, a high-resolution music playback app can use the HA-2 as its external DAC to play lossless PCM and DSD audio files.
  • Audio-In and Line-Out - The HA-2 has a 3.5 mm Audio-In port to support portable music players that do not have a USB-compatible digital output. While the HA-2 is used with one of its USB digital input ports, the 3.5 mm jack acts as Line-Out for the USB DAC.
  • ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC - The DAC is one of the most important components for digital audio playback. The ES9018-K2M DAC chip used in the HA-2 is the mobile version of the ES9018S used in our award-winning HA-1 desktop headphone amplifier. With the ESS patented 32-bit Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the SABRE32 Reference DAC delivers an unprecedented performance for mobile applications. To learn more about the technologies behind the exceptional performance of the SABRE DAC, please read the SABRE Technical White Paper.
  • Asynchronous USB DAC - By bypassing the smartphone's built-in DAC and headphone amplification circuit that are often cost-constrained, the HA-2 turns a smartphone into a high performance digital audio player. The asynchronous USB DAC input of the HA-2 also works with PC and Mac computers to replace the built-in sound card and support high-resolution audio playback with PCM up to 384 kHz 24-bit and DSD up to 12 MHz (DSD256).
  • Clean Signal Path - There is no DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in the HA-2. Volume control is operated by a combination of the DAC chip's internal digital volume control and an analog potentiometer (the familiar volume knob). Bass boost is performed by pure analog audio circuits. By avoiding re-digitizing the audio signal for volume adjustment or bass boost, the HA-2 provides a clean signal path for the audio.
  • Bass Boost - For those who like a bit more punch and impact with their music, the HA-2 offers a Bass Boost function. With Bass Boost off, the HA-2 delivers a ruler-flat frequency response; with Bass Boost on, the HA-2 adds force and impact to the sub-bass region without muddling the important mid- to high-frequency bands.
  • Two Gain Settings - The HA-2 offers two gain level settings for optimal headphone matching. The High Gain mode is capable of driving large power-hungry headphones, delivering up to 300 mW into 16-Ohm headphones. The Low Gain mode is intended for sensitive In-Ear Monitor type earphones.
  • Rapid Charging - The HA-2 features patented VOOC rapid charging technology from OPPO. Using the supplied rapid charger, the internal battery can be quickly and safely charged to 75% capacity in about 30 minutes. It only takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. A quick charge gives the HA-2 hours of operation time.
  • Mobile Power Bank - The HA-2 functions as an external battery pack to charge your mobile device. Utility and convenience are factors we wanted to address with the HA-2, so you can ditch the bulky spare battery pack and carry just the HA-2 with you mobile phone.
  • Build Quality - The HA-2 is housed in an aluminum chassis wrapped in genuine leather. The beveled metal edges and contrast stitching on the leather are eye-catching. Its fit and finish will instill a sense of pride when using the product. The HA-2 meshes equally well in the pocket of an urban Millennial or on the desk of a business executive.


Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.5 x 6.2 x 0.5 inches, 68 x 157 x 12 mm
Weight 6.2 oz, 175 grams
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 200 kHz
Audio-in Level 1 Vrms
Line-out Level 1 Vrms
Recommended Headphone Impedance 16 Ohm - 300 Ohm
Maximum Headphone Output Power 300 mW into 16 Ohm
220 mW into 32 Ohm
30 mW into 300 Ohm
Output Jacks 3.5 mm stereo headphone
3.5 mm stereo line-out
Input Ports Analog: 3.5 mm stereo audio-in
Digital: USB A for iPod / iPhone / iPad; USB micro-B for smartphones with USB OTG feature and computers.
DAC Chip ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018-K2M
Input Format Stereo PCM, Stereo DSD (DoP v1.1 or native)
PCM Sampling Frequencies 44.1 kHz  -  384 kHz, 16 / 24 / 32-bit
DSD Sampling Frequencies 2.8224 MHz (DSD64), 5.6448 MHz (DSD128), 11.2896 MHz (DSD256, native mode only)
Profile USB 2.0, USB Audio 2.0
Included Accessories Power Supply Unit (Rapid Charging Charger)
USB A - USB micro-B data and rapid charging cable
USB A - Lightning data cable (for Apple devices)
USB micro-B to micro-B data cable (for Android and other smartphones)
3.5 mm - 3.5 mm stereo audio cable
Silicone rubber band (2 pieces)
User guide and warranty documents
Built-in Battery type 3000 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Battery Operation Time Approx. 13 hours for analog source via Audio-in; approx. 7 hours for digital sources via USB
Charging Time Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

“Made for iPod”, “Made for iPhone”, and “Made for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad®, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect wireless performance.

iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPod touch® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Compatible iPod/iPhone/iPad Models
USB works with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation).

The HA-2's USB input B works with Android devices that support USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) and USB Audio Class. Not all devices are compatible.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



RETURN POLICY: We offer a **NEWLY EXTENDED** 30-day no hassle return policy without any restocking charges on Oppo Digital products. Because the Oppo units are not widely available, we want to ensure that the element of financial risk is removed when you consider giving an Oppo unit a try in your system. If you are unhappy with the unit in any way, simply return the unit for a 100% refund of the purchase price. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the original shipping charge, and you are responsible for return shipping charges. We guarantee your complete and total satisfaction.


Warranty Information

As Canada's leading OPPO dealer and an OPPO-Authorized Service Center, we offer In-Canada Warranty Service and Support. When purchasing your player from us, you get the complete benefit of the manufacturer's warranty terms with the added convenience of having your warranty (and all associated parts and labour) supported by us - right here in Canada!

For complete information on what is covered under warranty, visit:


We also offer an exclusive direct exchange warranty in addition to the factory warranty at no additional charge. Local clients can simply have their units exchanged within the warranty period and clients across Canada can ship their units back to us (at their cost) at which point another unit will be promptly - shipped out (at out cost). In line with OPPO's warranty terms, it is at our discretion to replace your unit with an open box, reconditioned, or new unit.
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Product Reviews

  1. Lively sound

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2016

    With the gain on this little amp produces a much livelier and full sound than my iPhone directly. Without the gain I found it a little too rich but the gain gives it energy and much better balance across all frequencies. Using Apple lossless format and a good pair of Sennheisers it makes for a much better portable sound quality than I have found anywhere else.

  2. Awesome Product - Unfortunately not for everyone

    Posted by John on 9th Sep 2016

    My initial take was to be blown away be the quality and appearance of the product. That on its own made it hard for me to decide to part with it. The only reason why I didn't keep it is because of portability. When I have both my phone and the HA-2 hooked up by the connectors and my headset cord. I can't fit it into any of my pockets without fear of the connectors getting damaged. My main form of transportation is to cycle and for this reason I could not hold on to this otherwise awesome unit.

  3. Absolutely outstanding

    Posted by Alex on 19th Aug 2016

    Completely blown away by the quality of this product for it's price. From the moment I pulled it from the box it was clear that this product is thoughtfully designed and very solidly built. Extremely premium feeling, looks gorgeous, buttons are highly responsive, even the cables are of exceptional quality. Form factor is perfect, it is smaller than my phone and slim enough to carry in an inside blazer pocket, or easily within a briefcase or bag while not in use. Comes with all the connectors you're likely to need and some nice, durable bands to strap the device to your phone or player if you feel inclined.

    The sound that this thing produces is frankly beautiful. I've tested it with numerous headphones from HD598, Momentum 2, B&W P7, right on up to higher end models like the Audeze EL-8, Audioquest Nighthawks, HD650, and a few others. Plugged into my smartphone running Tidal HiFi, the HA-2 really brought all of them to life. It proved extremely versatile. I was floored by how well this little thing can drive even slightly more power-hungry headphones. The EL-8 and HD650 were the only ones I needed to use the high gain setting on, and even then, the HA-2 could have blown my ears out of I'd cranked it up.

    Bass boost feature is extremely nice on headphones with lacking low end, like the HD598. I didn't notice much or any detail sacrificed while using it, and in fact the sound signature of the headphones were improved tremendously with the new-found oomph this gave the lower range. It does get muddier with headphones that already naturally have more bass presence, but in those cases, you will probably not be using the boost feature anyway (unless you're a serious bass-head).

    Overall, could not be happier with this purchase. Really looking forward to trying some of Oppo's other offerings when I have the chance!

  4. Not sure?

    Posted by Paul on 12th Jul 2016

    A little disappointed I think, need to spend more time but the difference vs using my iPhone 6, iPod classic or iPad Air doesn't seem to be as good as expected? I also purchased the Oppo PM3 to use with them.

    Great packaging and Oppo build quality, love all the things they do to make the experience solid. I may need a little guidance on how best to use various music files etc to get the most out of this combo and should I use the iPod or iPhone?

    I have not tried hi Rez streaming yet though, just standard Spotify free version



    Thank you for the feedback, Paul!

    If there is any further support we can provide to make sure you are getting the most out of your HA-2 and getting the full enjoyment from it, contact us at any time!

    Glad to hear that you were impressed by the build quality and overall experience!
    We're happy to offer you that guidance you mentioned to best use it for various music files!

    Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    - Solutions A/V Team

  5. Transforming the sound of your phone

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Mar 2016

    Connecting the HA-2 to my iPhone6S and the iPad,
    even just listening to TIDAL revealed a clarity and sense of presence I never expected !

  6. Portable with great build quality

    Posted by Fred on 4th Feb 2016

    Very good sound,lots of detail,just
    wonderful purchase overall
    . It's battery last longer, and it sounds very clear.

    My first impressions was that the build quality exceeded my expectations by far. It's obvious that a lot of research and development went through the creation of this device. You can feel it by turning the volume button, or by looking at the nicely recessed button and switches. To me, It has a very clean and neutral sound.

    Pros: It sounds and looks gorgeous!
    Cons: Wish it would come in all black aluminum

  7. Amazing, even makes the sound from my old Nano bearable.

    Posted by David on 4th Jan 2016

    I got one 12/31 2015 and have tried it out on my iPhone 4s playing standard iTunes downloads,the PONO with both 41 16 bit and 96 24 bit and the performance is mind blowing.
    I coupled the HA-2 with a pair of OPPO PM-3 headphones and now listen with great pleasure.
    I also tried, with good results, playing my sony Bravia from its headphone jack through the HA-2 to my hiFi and sound surround.
    Very satisfied.

  8. Really awesome and convenient

    Posted by Aaron on 23rd Dec 2015

    I got one of these after trying out a FiiO dac. Couldnt believe the difference that made, but like most DAC's, you need a camera kit to use it with an iDevice.

    I did some research, and found the Oppo. It's build quality is far more solid and works with a lightning cable straight to the charging port. It's battery last longer, and it sounds very clear. On a PC the difference is even more noticable, and comes in very handy at my office where workstations not geared towards audio are my music source.

  9. good sound, good looks, portable,nice build quality

    Posted by Martyn Asten on 18th Aug 2015

    Very good sound,lots of detail,just slightly less musical than my audioquest dragonfly but with more detail and its portable!! a few handshaking problems with computer and ipod the odd time but nothing to worry about.

  10. Elegant, Sounds great, portable, works with everything.

    Posted by Greg Kolisnyk on 28th Jul 2015

    A wonderful purchase overall, couldn't be more pleased. It drives my Shure 1540's exceptionally well and I've noticed an improvement in clarity and detail with both high res and standard streaming. I've used it with my iphone, Mac and PC.

    It's an easy recommend for anyone looking for great sound and portability.

    I'd also like to mention the wonderful support and customer service I received from SolutionsA/V. They made the whole experience really great.

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